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Being a new guy to the Steelheaders league, I somehow missed the fact that we fish every other week so we decided to go out anyway since I had the whole crew at the dock at 5:30. We set up in 60 fow in front of tunnel park and stayed on a southeast/southwest troll the whole night. We bounced between 85-100 working our way to the last slider. Our first fish came on a 300 copper with a Mag Silver Streak Carmel Dolphin in 97 fow on a southwest troll. Second fish came on a free slider Stinger Regular Orange Crush on a rigger 60 down in 84 fow on a southeast troll. Our last fish for the night came on a 250 copper with a Green Huckleberry Silver Streak on a south west troll. We ended 3/3 with no bites coming after 7:45. Water temp at our ball 60 down was 42.7 and surface temp was 55.6. Our best troll speed was between 2.2 and 2.3. Hope this helps anyone going out this week and good luck!

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