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In your opion what accounts for more fish, speed or temp at the ball?

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Good Day All,

I am looking at getting an Fishhawk x4 and want to get a better Idea what I should focus on once I do and if I could possibly get away with just getting the Fishhawk TD.

I currently make around 8 trips per year Last year I averaged about 6 fish per trip only using my HDS.

I am curious how much more this will improve my time on the water, With that said when utilizing the speed and temp what do you feel accounts for more fish knowing the speed or temp at the ball?



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Great lakes king have adapted to the water temps. Find bait, youll most likely find the kings. even in 70 degree water.

That being said if you find cold water AND bait/fish. Game on.

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I would agree that trolling speed at the bait is more important than temperature but having speed and temperature at the bait is best. We’ve all seen the fish on the graph in too warm or cold of water but they’re in that temperature of the water column feeding, maybe not for long periods of time but fish will frequent unusual temperatures to feed.

If you have the resources buy the Fish Hawk X4 without the depth reading function. The Fish Hawk X4 is a great unit in that it also has the surface speed and temp. I feel it’s better to have one unit that provides the surface and downrigger speed and temp. I say this because trolling speed will vary between speedometers. Have one unit that provides both just makes the readings more consistent and makes judging the current more reliable. I say this because guys stagger the depths that they position baits in their presentation. Knowing the surface speed and the speed at the downrigger allows you to choose a happy median for trolling speed depending upon what depth your baits are set.

There are guys running two speed and temp probes at times because the current varies depending on the depth. Knowing the speed your baits/attractors work best at and then dialing the trolling speed based on current changes will improve your trip catch ratio.

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