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Saginaw Bay 6/8/2013 keeps on giving.

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Just N Time (Capt. Mike Keith.) and Ron stopped for a brew and some smoked fish Fri eve. I wanted to do a second shakedown so I invited them to fish with me Sat. I thoroughly enjoy all my friends from the udder side (Lake MI). The boat ran great at idle and up to 2000 rpm. I still have carburetor issue and need to adjust the float. The boat ran fine at home but under load it would falter as the throttle slowly opened. We didn't need to go far from port and fished 28-32 FOW with BB and meat. Glow Chartreuse, was our best producer. One line up high early but down and dirty was the ticket. Our biggest fish came on a homemade jumbo purple sickle blade made from a plastic supermarket box and some prism tape. Tom T. also joined us to skillfully help handle the back of the boat. We searched a bit but when we found the fish we kept pounding them. At one point I called fishon 5 times within two minutes. The port side had only one line in the water. Speed was 1.5 with a change-up pitch down to 1.2 to trigger some of the lethargic keepers. It was light bite all the way. Not many aggressive strikes except the little guys. We boated 22 legal fish and kept 20. Of course we ran our 12 rod spread. We probably caught a dozen future fish along with a couple of kitty cats. All in all it was a beautiful day to spend on the water with good friends. Thanks goes to Tom, Mike, and Ron. I'm heading to the garage to adjust the carb float and test fire it on the drive.

Also a big THANKS to Chummer for the invitation to fish with him and his wife. I wasn't on site much lately because of my problems. We do need to get on the same boat again soon.

Another big THANKS to FishHawk for allowing this grumpy old guy aboard Tue and Wed. for a 3 man limit and a 4 man limit.

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I recently put in a spring loaded float needle to correct a idle issue. I did readjust the float and feel it will perform much better now. Man I had a boat load of problems this year.:) I'm just glad it was all mechanical stuff that I could deal with. I just want everything to be all that it can be. :)

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Good job Frank and thanks for the report. I might head up that way later in the week since the salmon fishing seems a little slow.

Nick, You'd be welcome aboard my boat any time. If you get up this way with your rig give me a shout.

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Nice job out there Frank. Figured I could catch you on here. Hope to get up there with Larry one day next week while I'm off on vacation. Will probably see you at the WFW this weekend. Take care and keep that ole islander running good, you sure work her hard enough pulling in all those limits.:lol:

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