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Sorry for the late report but we had a very eventful night Friday night. We ended up 6-13. Our ratio for actually catching them wasn't the best for 2 reasons. First was we had a totally newbie reelin in the fish and well he thought the fish were bass and he was really trying to horse in 15 lb kings. Another reason was we had 5 kings hit in about a 5 minute period. So we had 5 14-18 pound kings on at the same time. We caught 2 of those 5. 3 of them came together behind the boat and snapped themselves off. But 5 kings on at the same time is extremely entertaining to say the least. We also had a double before that. And we only caught 1 of those. The double and the 5 header all happened around 9 pm but the 2 hours before that we just picked away at some fish 1 by 1. All the kings were 14-18 pound kings including the ones we lost.

We hit all the fish in the 100 fow range anywhere from 30-70 down

300 copper with purple meat rig (hot)

250 copper with green flounder pounder

200 copper with U of M froggie spoon

200 copper with blue meat rig

150 copper with blue meat rig

Dipsey out 175 with blue SD and fly

Down riggers down 40 and 45 with green and blue moonshine spoons

Also slow speed from 2.1-2.2 was the best


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