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A hit and miss day on the water. We set up in 80' and started going WNW.

We picked up our first fish, a nice King in the 15# range in 175 fow on an NBK free slider with the weight down 56'. Trolled out to 200 fow and turned around, in 115 fow we had a double with both 300' copper rigs. One was on a sponge bob magnum and the other on a orange NBK looking lure. We also had a shaker on an orange and chrome lure. We ended 4 for 5, we had a release earlier with no one home. At least it was a very comfortable day to be on the water:).

2013 Fish Count

Coho's 3

King's 16


Laker's 1


Total 20

Trips 8

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Thanks for the info on the radio,I came too late to the party ended with 4 good rips on full core and a dragger.Ended on a good note,My youngest son noticed a boat paddling on the way in,gave him a tow.

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