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We went out last Wednesday, at St. Joe, have not been for a few weeks so thought we'd start where we were doing good a year ago. Set up in 80 feet with a west troll and went out to as far as 128. 0 for 3, with the three being pull backs on the boards and no fish felt.

So, replay today, started at daylight and were thinking of heading back out to the 80s and noted all of the charter guys stopping in the 60's. Duuuuu.

Ended up with two kings, biggest 16. something pounds, and seven really nice coho with the biggest being a little over 6 pounds. All were in the 60's.

All came on spoons, mostly anything with green or oranges in them. Tried flies and stick baits and even drug a j-plug around for awhile, with nothing touched.

St. Joe has been tough for us this year.

Good Luck!

Paul C.

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