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We went out of Port Sheldon around 5:15. Forecast said 1 foot or less, only off a little, it was more like 3 - 5':eek:. We started in 90' and trolled NW into the waves and had a hit on 300' of copper right away on a SS red tip, black tail, white body big yellow eye(not sure of the name) lost that fish. Then we picked up an eater Coho in 130' 58 down on SWR with a flounder pounder. When we turned around to go with the waves we were going about 4.5 on my GPS when I said "we won't get any fish going this fast, they won't be able to catch up to the lures". On cue the same rig fired again with a big King on it. We finally landed her with out a mess despite the fish trying to tangle half of our lines. It was tough to stand up without hanging on but we got two fish and didn't lose anything so the night was a success. Glad to be back on dry ground for now.

2013 Fish Count

Coho's 3

King's 12


Laker's 1


Total 16

Trips 7

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