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6/3/13, Saginaw Bay, Au Gres, Fishing Reports

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Today we had a beautiful day on the water, which was especially nice after a few days of crazy, unstable weather. We still took good catches on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but it sure is a lot easier and more fun to catch fish during nice weather. Instead of heading out to where we had been catching consistent limits out in front of Au Gres in deeper water, we decided to try a spot where we really hammered them last week. I hadn't been able to return to that more distant hot spot due to the constant threat of stormy weather all week. Unfortunately though, my plan A spot did not produce any decent sized fish, so we relocated to my Plan B spot and found some good fish nearby. My customers then proceeded to take a nice limit catch of dandy walleyes well before noon. It wasn't non-stop action, but it was consistent and all the fish in that area were 18 to 23 inches, which are nice, chunky eaters for sure. We took all our fish trolling our lures near the bottom. I ran a mixed spread of Hot N' Tots and spinner/crawler rigs and they hit both presentations about equally well. Bigger fish certainly came on the Tots though. A faster trolling speed of 1.6 to 1.8 was best, but we did take a few fish a bit faster or slower on turns. I had only been having luck with Fire Tiger Tots this week, and they did hit those today, but they also began to take chrome patterns today too. Crawler harness patterns did not matter as we took walleyes on both natural and bright colored rigs. I also talked to some other anglers today that did very well straight out from Au Gres in deeper water where we had been fishing over the weekend. I also saw someone launch a 27 foot boat today (Sportcraft) at the DNR ramp with no problems. The water has come up there about one foot since late April when I got to Au Gres, which is great.

Capt. Mike Veine

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I will be hading out of AuGres saturday and sunday mornign as well. Sounds like it will be a party out there! Lets hope the fish cooperate.

Good luck fishing to everyone and I look forward to reports.


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I have been fishing Au Gres for a little over a week, this year. I can't say that I have had the same success you, Mike. However, we have hauled in a few and had some great times.

Thanks for your awesome reports and keep-on sending your customers home with smiles!


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I appreciate the report Mike. We will be fishing Au Gres later this week.

It was good talking to you at the ramp today. You made the right decision not going out today. It was pretty brutal out there. We really earned our fish today. My customers are real die hards and convinced me to go out this morning. I was leaning towards not going.

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