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Where to buy a lower unit?

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Has anyone used www. Sterndrive or S E I. I'm looking for a lower unit for a 200 hp evinrude ficht. Price for oem gears, bearings, seals etc.is higher than whole lower unit from these websites. Open to all suggestions on where to purchase this drive.

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Ive used them many times at were im working down in TN

Calumet Marine probably has a good used one and will ship you one. I know this because I just had a 70hp lower shipped to me. Frank also has a place near eau Claire and can meet you (I don't know were berville is).

A couple things to make sure that you know, it does not come painted and it does not come with a drive shaft shift shaft or water pump. You have to remove the upper drive shaft from your old unit and install it into the SEI unit and make extra sure you get the shift shaft in the exact same spot by counting the turns till it bottoms out, because if you don't have the measuring tool and spec you could be in for a nightmare trying to get everything synced back up. Also painting those SEI lowers can be kind of a pain. Make sure to clean it thoroughly and I even put an extra layer of zinc primer to make sure it sticks good and is smooth because there primer sucks. But don't let the criticisms deter you because it is overall a good value, just letting you know what to watch out for.

FYI - 1992-2005 Evinrude Metallic Blue paint Part Number - 777175

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You might check eBay. There is a place in Indiana that's got just about everything but I can't rember the name Panborn's or Vans recommend them when I was

looking for a lower unit last year. Just keep looking and they will pop up. I seen several for mine in about a months time last year.

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Did you find one yet?

I have a good one off a '96 ocean runner (150 hp 25 inch).

It lost cyl #2, rest good.

Would work on same year Rude but might not on the newer models.

If it would work and you have yet to find one let me know.

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