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Fished today off White Lake . Water temps barely over 45 degrees on the top. Started in close and probably should have stayed there. Lots of bait and fish marking right out in front of the Channel outlet before daylight. Started out at 5:00 am by running my 31 inch Planer boards out about 80 feet and setting two lines hoping for a brown or so. No luck set down riggers when we hit 60 feet of water down 45 and 50 with stackers at 35 and 40. trolled out to 94 and hit a 10 pound King on a Glow Watermelon Spoon 45 down. After putting that one in the box we had a bunch of rod problems and had one rod go overboard only to get it back by pulling in the Planer board on that side. I should have used my Tite Loc tree but tried to get away with less hardware. Ended up pulling in both boards and setting my other two riggers with long arms instead. The set up worked fine but the fish shut off by the time I got things situated where we could fish. Its been years since we fished out here so lessons learned. Indian Nets all over out there in 70 /80 feet northwest of the pier heads. Avoid at all costs. No more hits but did hear some reports of fish being taken in 180 feet 160 down. So we were 1 for 1 . Pulled at 11:00 am and called it day. Talonz

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