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sorry for the late report, ive been busy , any way tuesday i helped with the salmon in the classroom outing with bending limits sports fishing in saugatuck we had two young men on board and were able to put 5 fish in the boat it was all smiles:thumb: we fished th 95 to 110 fow but had to troll south to get bites all the action came on spoons 45 to 50 down.

In the evening we fished the holland steelheaders summer leauge out of holland on my boat, we went to 95 and trolled south didnt get much and notice the current had changed direction from the am so turned it north still nothing so i decided to quarter the current and that was the ticket :thumb: we slowly got a few fish zig zagging out to 110 and back to 95 fow , we ended the night with a triple with 15 minute to go in our fishing time landed two of them and lost the third.Went to the weigh in and had just under 70 lbs for 5 fish and too k first place on the night.

Things that have been working for us :

Big white slick paddle with a mirage flie down on rigger anywere from 70 to 110 down

250 feet of blood run 45 lb copper with a hot lobster mag silver streak spoon.

250 feet of blood run 45 lb copper with a lemen berry mag silver streak spoon.

wire diver mag set on 1 back 150 with a green e chip with a pickle sunshine flie

wire diver mag set on 1 set back 175 with a 10" spinnie with a meat rig.

rigger dow 55 to 65 with blue metalic frog silver streak

with all this wind im sure the fish will be scattered but look at the pier heads if the water is cold enough and the bait is there the kings will be to . good luck to every one on this nice looking weekend ahead:thumb:

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