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St Joe 5/19/2013 Still gettin em

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We left the Piers at 7AM, went out to 60FOW and set lines marking a lot of bait and fish, worked out to 80 and got our first hit Lake Trout on a 2 color down the chute FB sunrise glow spoon, took a while but 2nd fish came on a free slider on a rigger set at 59', fishing was slow so we started heading out to deeper water. When we hit 168 FOW things started happening, Free sliders on riggers set at 67 and 59 both went and the 2 color 4 and 6 color were all getting hit. DOC and Stinger Modified Coyote, FB Sunrise glow were all taking hits. Found a small trash line at 170 and stayed around that as it worked out to 190. Ended up 11 for 12 and pics show the results. We got our first 3 laker of the year, 1 was on a6 color 1on a 2 color and 1 on a free slider. Nothinurl=http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=6935&c=2]st_joe_5-19_001.jpgg real fast but fairly steady.

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