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Got to the channel at Holland in time to watch the Steelheader's take off, and then dropped lines in their wake. Had my 6 year old and a friend crewing in my 14' as a last minute trip was put together.

Never left the pier heads, closed the cooler at 10:45 with 136# of fish, 8 mature kings, an eater king, 5 coho and a brown. Big fish was 18# and several 15's. Would have been done at 9:30 but my 6 year old had a case of the dropsies and ended up wearing 5 shrimp of shame necklaces (a plastic shrimp you have to wear when you lose a fish).

Love fishing the piers, especially when no one else is in there.

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Good job kev. Appreciate the info saturday, it was driving us nuts when you were hooking those fish, everytime we were gonna pull lines and run in there we would hook one or two fish. We got four in ther this morning. 2 -15# kings alittle brown and coho. Spinniees and paddles were the only thing that got bit

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We were never more than 100 yards from the pier heads, other than when fighting doubles and triples we just let the east wind serve as an autopilot and take the boat away from shore.

The the 14' once we hook a fish I tend to crazy Ivan the boat around and go right back through that spot. End up with fish in front of the boat, under the boards, and all over, but you can't lose what you don't hook.

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