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Whole herring to strips?

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if you can clean a salmon you can cut up herring

whole is cheaper but a lot more work

you can chop it up and use it with out brining if you use it the same day brining just preserves and stiffens it up a bit for use

strips are just a convenience they are already brined much easier to ship don't have to stay frozen if packed in salt

just start rite behind the gill plate filet one side off the herring down the backbone

chop the head off and you have two strips "A" side still has the tail on it "B" side is just a strip the large blue label herring you can get two strips from each side of the herring

check out this video

from the calumet marine web site under forums and bait shop


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I cut my own out of whole herring, a lot more bang for your buck. I have not brined mine to this point, we cut on the fly. Ran out last year, and a good buddy of mine had cut his own strips out of the whole herring and brined it. Simple mix that he explained, and what I found was that the brined herring strips he made last longer than fresh cut. They were more durable. They all catch fish :thumb:

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