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What a week a difference makes for the fishing in Grand Haven, in a good way. There is some very nice kings around, up to 22lbs along with some great numbers of cohos and trout in 130ft-240ft . The coho fishing has been the top 60. Flat lines to 200ft coppers, 40-60 out on divers and 25-55 down on the riggers. The hot spoons have been all regular stingers in mixed veggie, blue veggie, UV veggie, jaw breaker, double orange crush, jager bomb, UV jager bomb, orange killer, freaking veggies and freaking blue veggies. The lake trout and kings have been coming deep, 180-275 on low divers and 85-100 on the rigger with white crush flasher and hypnotist meat rig and pearl fishscale with oceana has been good on riggers and divers down deep for kings.

Great trip on Danels two charter boats


Danels 2nd boat with some big kings...and me


Captain Dana with the big fish on the year so far at 21.65


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