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Got on the glass like seas around noon. Set lines in 80 and worked out to 180.

Ended 8-15... grrrrrr.... Missed a couple ho's rippin lips and had a few BIG fish bend out hooks on my thin fins!!

What worked best... 2-3 color core with gold thin fins took most ho's and steelies.

orange crush on rigger 30 down took nice king, blue dolphin on 5 color took the other king. Best water was 120-160 south of holland. Never made it to Saugie..

Ended with 6 ho's, 2 steelies, and 2 nice kings.

I'm trying to figure out pictures... Too many devices from computers to I pads and my phone... I'll try to get that fixed by next post...

Tight lines....

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Nice job on the fish, 15 bites is good action. We've all had those days, and I've always thought, I would rather go 8/15 than go 8/8.

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