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Leader material and length

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flat lines - 20lb mono trilene big game

rigger - 30lb mono trilene big game

copper/lead leaders - 30lb fluoro triple fish

dipseys - 30lb fluoro triple fish

flys - 50lb fluoro triple fish

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I'm not much different that most here.

Similar setup for type of line - fluoro leaders on almost anything we run other than riggers. We use 30lb fluoro on most everything. I love my Ande 25lb on the riggers. That stuff is like chain. We've run it across wire dipseys, through riggers, around just about anything that hangs off the back of the boat and had very few break offs. You couldn't pay me to run anything else, but that is just because of the stupid crap we do on the back of the boat and what I have witnessed (performance).

No one else has yet taken on your question of length, so I'll take a stab at it.

50' or so on the leaders for lead/copper.

Used to run 8-10' leads on the dipseys and we still do have those setups for when we have rookies on board.

Noticed a much better dipsey bite with longer leads - 20'-30' or so, however you have to hand line.

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