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Went 3-4 in 155-165 FOW.

BLL Frozen Toad Yellow/Green took 1 coho and 1 steelhead on a dipsy set at 1.5 out 30 with ~20 foot leader on that. Finally got the skunk smell off my dipsies.

Brads Thinfish red/black 100 behind a board. (steelhead)

Lost a fish on a rigger 25 down with a custom made spoon that was yellow/green/white. Somewhat similar colors to the BLL frozen toad.

We tried 130 fow to 185 fow. Could only catch fish within 155-165. Great day on the water. It was flat as can be. I do wish there was a few more people out there. Kinda far from South Haven.

Also, just a reminder to check your bearings more regularly than us. =) (this was 2 days ago and is now fixed.)


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We have a 2 mile trip to the launch. We had a little less than a 1/2 mile left but were 1/8th of a mile from another relatives home who were happy to house the boat. We put on an old hub and the castlenut/pin and greased it up and went VERY VERY slow. Most people put more miles on their trailer in 1-2 trips than we do all year. We replaced the hubs 3 years ago and totally neglected the maintenance due to the low miles and other projects. They say failure is the best way to learn and this was definitely a lesson learned.

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