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2013 SHFL Event #1 Blood Run Results

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Official Results for Blood Run Event #1

Fishing was tough today only 2 boats were able to put 5 on the scales :eek:

Congrats to Outaline for first place finish and big fish winner with a 17lb king :thumb:

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Thanks to everyone that participated and i would also like to thank Blood Run for the donating the spools of copper :thumb:

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Great Job guys! Hopefully I can make the next event. Outofline, any knowledge you can share with us?

Not sure what he was running but we were both fishing the same water... north circling between around 52 and 62 fow i ended up 4 for 7 with 2 coho 1 king and 1 LT the 3 silver came on a 5 color with miami dolphin

Skamaniac had a box of 9 coho and they were running inside

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Thanks Guys had a great time can't wait til next month. silver fish came on 40 foot copper and 100 foot copper. With ProKing old school green glow and new ProKing wonderbread mag. lake trout on the bottom with spinny and home made fub wobbler with squid. its really ugly. but the trout like it. thanks again for the great time.


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