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Mounting Transducer Tips

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All boats are different and a lot of the time its hard to tell someone exactly where to mount a transducer with actually seeing the back of the boat with your own eyes. Although below are some general guidelines and pictures to help get the best results out of your next installation. With the exception of the drawing the rest of the guidelines apply to standard transducers and not the structure scan.

Below is the drawing of the back of a boat prime areas highlighted.


1. The first tip that i have is mount the transducer on the Starboard side if possible. Since 95% of outboard engines sold are clockwise turning this means the turbulence from the propeller will impact the top of the transducer and not the bottom were the sensors are.


2. Some of us have obstructions on the bottom of the hull like repaired fiberglass, thru hulls, and drain plugs, never mount the transducer in lines with these obstructions.


3. Have a small amount of tail down on the transducer (2-5 degrees) this will help provide a clean flow of water across the face of the transducer.


4. If possible take the boat for a ride with a friend and carefully take a look over the back and note areas of smooth flowing water that would be prime mounting locations. If you have a stepped hull you wont be able to see this.


5. Remember to account for the trailer and lifting points


6. For stepped hulls the transducer must be mounted on the first step.


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