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Dirty Bilge Area

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I need some help in finding a product or a home solution that will clean my bilge area. It has a black dirty appearance and I would like to get it clean again. Any tips tricks or products that work well for this I am willing to try.



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I have had very good results with Simple Green. Does a great job with grease and oil. It is also fully biodegradable and does not harm plastic, metal, or fiberglass. I turn off the bilge pumps, mix three gallons of water with one gallon of Simple Green and pour it in the bilge. If the boat is on a trailer, drive it around for 15 minutes with some stop & go driving to get the cleaner sloshing around. If it is in a slip, go make a run in a 1' chop. Then let it sit in the bilge for at least 4 hours and pump it out.

Target always seems to have a good price on the Simple Green.

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