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North east lakers

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I docked out of NE marina in pa for the past 6 seasons before moving to down to erie. The laker fishing is awesome along the mountain around NE marina. Downriggers and Dipsy/slide divers are a great starting point. Big planer boards with leadcore work really well too. Riggers leads between 10-30 feet back. Spoon Color changes every year until you find what they want. You wanna run bigger spoons. Always had good luck with NK28, Pirate 55's, and Dreamweavers spoons. Shallow water cranks like renoskys or rapalas work well on the riggers and leadcore too. Speed can be dependent on the day. Start at 1.5-1.8 and work your way up until you find what speed is working best. Stop in at the tackle shop at NE and talk to Tim. He will let you know what baits are working best so far this season.

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