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Fished this morning with good freind crazy Dennis and is wife , we fished from40 fow to 150 fow with only one 3 lb coho in 90 fow on a 3 color of lead on a modified mi sunset slammer . water is very murky out to 65 fow. the water temps are 43 deg out to around 80 fow then it drops to 39 , didnt hear of to much other success out there today, but it was still a nice day to be on the lake with good freinds :thumb:

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We were committed to see if we could find salmon. We trolled out to 293 fow. Went 4/4 with steel..nice cookie cutter 6-8 lbs. No kings. We went again today (Sunday) and picked up a brown right out side the pier heads. Spent the next 4 hours working south in 80-110 fow...no takes except a 10 lb laker. Hoping the warmer weather will turn something on.

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