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Brown Blast Report 4-6-13

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I went along with Sixshooter and tgafish as the designated boat driver in the Brown Blast. My shoulder still isn't ready for fish fighting action. We set up just north of the water plant and trolled almost down to the Cook plant. Fished from the first sand bar out to 25' and ended up 4/6. 3 coho and a small brown. Orange seemed to be the ticket with an orange River Rocker being the best lure, orange UV Hot-n-Tot taking a couple hits and a jointed rainbow trout Rapala taking one fish. One hit on the riggers with the rest coming off boards. Our 4 fish were good for 8th place out of 23 boats so the fishing wasn't great. The winners ran down south of the Cook plant and caught lakers and a big brown. Weather wasn't too bad if you stayed tight to the shore. Felt good to get back on the water and Jim and I didn't loose any fish, but I won't say who did. Hopefully we get some warm weather this week and the fishing picks up. Good luck.

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Good report Nick. Good to start the year with fish in the box! Hey let me know if you need someone to set lines for you this summer. Sold my boat and it may be a bit before I find the next one...

Will do Eric.

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