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whats your favorite flasher ?

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11inch flasher are something that put alot of fish in the boat, work well deep.

These have been the best on the charter boats for the past couple years, Black with double slick glow with a Oceana fly, White on double slick glow with hypnotist, Pearl fishscale with oceana fly. Double Crush UV with Illusion fly.


Chrome Mtn dew with UV back.

UV gator on chrome.

Gator on chrome.

Uv purple plaid

White crush lead back.

Green halo with crush glow back.

Blue Halo with glow crush back.

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add some 10 in spin doctors, and some 8 and 10 in pro trolls. Big white paddle is always good.

Exactly what I was going to say.

I run alot the DW Spin Dr's alot, but I always have a protroll out there as well.

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Sweet! Heading to the show in G.R today. So ill look for some. After watching the salmon showdown i noticed alot of fish were caught on white paddles . Anyone know of a good way to ajust the leader legth of a fly? My flies are set up for 8 inch spin doctors, not 11 inch pro troll?

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