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What's everyone working on?


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carb. rebuild, Elite 7 combo mounted, onboard charger install, replaced back wood with synthetic, new tracks in back and new trees, new marine radio, hatch gaskets, replace bad switches, added 3rd rigger, another spoon box....... apparently i should be working now that i have so much to do!!!

Looking forward to 1st summer off with my little guy.

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No huge projects, but a lot of little projects for the little boat:

Ditch Bag w/ handheld radio.

Better gph bilge w/ auto switch.

Upgrading Proos manual riggers to Canon manuals. Gonna love that 2-1 retrieve and clutch system.

Adding 50, 100, 150, 200 45# coppers.

Changing 32# 250, 300, 350, & 400 coppers to 45# Blood Run.

Added a pair of TX44's from the Outdoorsman.

Finishing the wooden battery/tackle storage cabinets built last year with vinyl to match the flooring.

Replacing old carpeted trailer bunks with new boards and carpet.

And there will be more I'm sure, but it is getting very close to hitting the water so this may have to do for this year.

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Waiting for the weather to warm up and reminding myself not to sell the boat and buy a jet sled for the river which I would be using now. Running out of ways to convince the wife I should keep the 26 when she knows I want a jet sled for the winter.

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Not too much for me,

Building a house,I had a contractor close it in then I took over, doing basically everything except drywall and taping/mudding.Drywall is done on the main floor now ,started on the downstairs today.

When the house is done i'll start on the shop,24'x42'.

As for fishing projects I just picked up 345 convectors and a 453 cold water as well as 4 copper/lead GLT's.Also fixed up my lure boards as well.

Can't wait to hit the water Gotta get the house done though.

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I dropped the boat off to Bowkers to get some jelcoat repaired, and a new (up to date) rub rail put on. Then over to Anchorage for a tune up and shifting cable.

Enough already with the snow!!! I need to be on the soft water.

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Added a 8 rod arch with spreader lights and a new antenna, hopefully this will help my radio reception. I made the arch from scratch to my own dimensions. Friends and family can't believe it's home made. Was going to have it powder coated but ran out of time so it was painted to match the boat and looks fine for now. 3 more Convectors, a Forschner fillet knife and sheath[hopefully this one won't sprout legs and walk away!], 21 Moonshine RV spoons from Lake Michigan Angler and some more of Mikes Eye Flies.

The ingredients are all in, now just add water and get cookin!!!

Have a great season everyone and stay safe,


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