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Outdoorsmans Sale this weekend

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Actually started yesterday I got a few good deals and there are plenty to be found. Great time to get some of those copper rigs as they have 300 coppers at a great price.

Yeah i forgot to post it last night when i did finally get home. Jim you coming to the gr show if so look me up at the MUCC booth again.

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I could have spent a grand there yesterday easy. Orange sale markers on lots of needful things. 58 bucks and change on Berts Rod Holders very nice price on Talora roller rods I don't even need any and almost bought 2. 300 copper setups under 160 same setup with cheaper copper line at Dick's 219 very good price on the X4D Fish Hawk as well. Don't know which day or days I will be at the GR show Aaron but will drop by and say hello.

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