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Ice Adventure '13


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I have been working on putting together a small group of ice anglers for the Saginaw Bay this year, 1st weekend in February, and then again the last weekend in February. Well, we decided not to make it onto the bay with less than ideal conditions and the reports of rescues, snowmachines and quads going in.

Instead, we packed it up and headed to NW Michigan to traverse upon some frozen lakes up there.

Had a fantastic weekend of fishing.

Following a HOT tip from FM2, we went to NW MI with one of his buddies and went lookin for some perch and herring. We turned in and were back up at 5 am. Great day fishing as the fish were hungry. We fished the morning and kept about 20 nice perch apiece with a bunch of throwbacks. Went in to clean fish and grab a bite to eat about 130 pm. Went out on Bear Lake for a couple hours in the evening hoping for an eye or two, and only a couple dink perch and 3 ppike to show for it.

Back up yesterday morning at 5, and back after the perch. Fished till about 11 am and kept another 15-20 keeper a piece with a nice Herring.

We would have had a good time regardless, however, with the great perch action I am still grinning ear to ear. Looking to get back up that way before it's all said and done.

Have a nice bunch of perch filets ready for the fry pan, and am going to give the herring a whirl.

Tons of ice, and tons of snow....:thumb:

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Good job and great idea to stay off they bay,I decided early on in the season that it was to risky to continue fishing on the bay. I had some good fishing on the inland waters and will live to fight another day, no fish are worth risking your life over.

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Wigglers on a hali was the recipe. Minnows didn't do squat. Body was glow white,blue collar and red cheek. Action was so good that 2 rods lost more fish than it was worth

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