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Where to start at an new port


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I don't fish any port regularly so I don't get the time to keep on the fish.

When you go to a new port How do you know where to start as far as depth/

I usually head out till I start to see bait then slow down to look for fish. Last year I usually ended up starting around 55'-60' (predawn). then is its slow I start to zig zag my way out

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If I have no information I will start as shallow as I dare and head west. We call them 'scouting trips'. We've done real well doing this and it's an easy way to figure out where fish are at. We also will run rods at all depths and then switch things up as we start picking up fish.

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Time of year and water temp is a big factor. Do your best to get info before heading out. Call on the radio, and just ask for info on the temp break, or simply what depth to start.

If I know a port has a typical direction of current, I will always set up into it.

Last year while fishing a small tournament in Pentwater, I had no idea where the fish where. The water was very warm so I made the decision go go North (water to the north tends to be cooler). We started shallow and high, and worked our way out and down. It took a while, but we finely found fish in 130-150 fow, and 120-130' down.

A temp probe is great for eliminating water. I have the portable Fish Hawk TD. You can quickly eliminate bad water with it.

Like Keeting says, if the temp break is at 70' down then all the water from 70' to the shore is not good water.

Once we find fish we target them in that zone.

Where ever we are we try to be set to be trolling in the best direction when prime time is there.

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I usually start with looking at the depth charts for the area I would be heading to. Researching catch info available on various forums, if nothing for that particular port at least looking at results from nearby ports give a rough estimate. Ports like Frankfort have a board up at the launch that displays the recent reports and the local tackle shops will also have reports. And last but not least talk to the guys at the launch, always someone willing to talk. At least these sources will give a starting point and then adjust from there.

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