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Bobber DOWN!

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I arrived at the river shortly after day break. This was the first day in over a week where the temps were forecasted to break 20 degrees. I seized the opportunity to put in some river time.

Expecting to have the place to myself, I was surprised to see quite a few fisherman already there.

Working my way around them, I soon discovered the river was very, very low. The lowest I'd ever seen, in fact.

I fished my way over to a deep 'cut' where I knew a fish or two usually liked to lie in winter. Little did I know, the low water level stacked a good sized pod of fish in this little spot no bigger than a suburban.

Watch what unfolds.


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Thanks guys!!

very nice vidio always enjoy them thanks for sharing are your vidieos shot ith a gopro

Yeah, most are. I personally own a Hero 2. A few of my buddies have original Hero's that we use a lot too.

Some of the more recent pheasant videos I've uploaded are shot mostly with their Hero's. You can tell a slight difference in quality, but not much.

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