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Chamber Vacuum Sealer


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Anyone own a chamber style vacuum sealer? I've been eyeing the Vacmaster VP112. Look it up on youtube, they sell it on Cabelas website too.

Getting sick of crappy seals on my foodsaver and the bags are too expensive too.

I guess bags for a chamber style are 10x less, you can vacuum seal liquid. Sounds like it would do a much better job with fish.

Looks nice...

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I don't have any recent experience with chamber machines but I bought a Cyclone (similar to but much better than food saver) from Kent Butcher's Supply in Grandville and I'm very happy with it. They have several chamber machines in their showroom, I would highly recommend going there and talking with them. Very knowledgeable and of course it's always nice to buy local.

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I have that Vac-Master model, and I love it! It's really nice to finish cleaning fish, throw them in a bag, seal them up, in the freezer, done! I agree with talking to Kent Butcher, but if you decide to buy online, be aware of this: Cabelas has them for about $1500, I got mine through Amazon for a little under $1000.

(Try sealing a bag of water, it's cool, it boils right before sealing.)

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