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Prayer's Needed

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I was just informed this afternoon that are MSSFA president, Dr. Kenneth Mereckel. one of are own from the Thumb Chapter Steelheaders was in a very bad automobile crash yesterday, dont know all the details, but they have put him in comma, his left legg was shattered very baddly, so bad that it cut the felmoral arerty speeled wrong sorry, they gave him 5 pints of blood so far won't know on any surgery till Mon. his wife was banged up but is OK the driver that hit them lost control on snow covered road, so give him a prayer Ok, he is a fighter I try to keep every one up to date


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I had a call lastnight that Doc. Mereckel is in St. Marys in ICU. They tryed to unhook the vent. and they hooled it back up in less then 2 min. the are going to do some surgery today monday on his legg, and his left lung is bad cause of the broken ribbs,

All I know at this time

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I met Ken along time ago at the Micigan Sea Grant meeting in Ludington this man has truely done a great amount of leg work for us to enjoy the great lakes fishery we have.I hope for a speedy recovery and my prayers go out to him and his family.

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