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Changing drags

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I just replaced some parts on a 47H and did a drag upgrade on a daiwa great lakes 47LC too. I got my parts from Tuna Tom's and got them quickly. If the 47H is like the great lakes 47 it doesn't take long and its pretty straight forward. There are also reel schematics on his website for the 47H if you have questions on how to get things apart or put them back together.

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Super easy to do. It'll take you maybe 20 minutes for the first one but once you get the hang of it you will wonder why you waited so long.

Here's a good link for a reel rebuild. It's the 50h so the reel is a little bigger but schematically the same. That site is a great place to look if you're ever interested in the insides of reels. They are salt water so they usually grease their drag washers and I think in freshwater you don't need the grease.


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