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Time for reel tune ups is now


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In the next couple weeks I am going to start my annual fishing tackle tune ups. The main thing is to check all of the reels and do the regular maintenance such as cleaning, oiling, and greasing. I'll probably wait until late March or early April before respooling some with new line.

In thinking about this, it reminded me that last year lots of guys waited until April or May to do this and found that some reels needed professional service. Tuna Tom's in Ludington was completely swamped due to people waiting until the last minute and this caught lots of anglers with their reels out of commission during the season.

Now is the time to check your reels and get them shipped to Tuna or other repair locations if there are issues you can't address yourself. Having them away for a couple weeks now is a whole lot better than in May when there are fish to catch.

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