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Garmin and lakemaster

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I have a handheld garmin gps. It is color touch screen oregon 550t. Last fall i purchased a lakemaster cd to upload maps thinking that would be the cat's meow i soon realized that it is pretty much useless. I could barely see the contour lines in my living room and outside it was almost impossible no matter how i held or shielded the unit from glare. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I called garmin and the tech told me they don't support this product anymore and i should try to return it to the store i bought it from. The copyright is 2009. :mad::confused::mad: Are the lakemaster charts really no good any more?

Feeling pretty fed up with electronics that don't work. Does anyone know of other lake maps with different color contour lines? I see garmin has the midwest maps but the tech told me the contour lines were the same colors...brown on blue:eek::confused::eek:

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