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A mixed bag

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When I arrived at the shallow weed bed, I dropped my transducer into the water, and I immediately began marking fish. I was fortunate enough to catch a feeding frenzy underway.

Needless to say, it didn't take long to hook up.

On this particular day, the fish were equal opportunity feeders. They'd hit a plain minnow suspended under a slip bobber, just as well as a plain jig tipped with a maggot. I ran both, and both got clobbered.

Oddly enough, I caught the biggest bluegill of the day (11") on a minnow, and the biggest crappie came on a spike.

I was set up over 9 feet of water. Most of the action came only 4' or so under the ice. The water was so clear in this particular lake, that I could peer down into the water, and see the fish take my bait. Pretty cool to say the least!

Enough storytelling. Let's get down to business! :grin:


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Great Video!! Those were some impressive panfish!!

Thank you!

what lake were you on? How much ice do you have up there right now?

Nothing safe around here. I was thinking of heading up to boyne area for some splake on thumb lake.

This was shot on the east side of TC. It seems there is safe ice anywhere north of Cadillac now, so Boyne should be a good bet.

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