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Strikemaster electric auger

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This is a fyi post about my opinions on the strikemaster electra 1200 dp auger.

Overview: piece of junk...expensive anchor.

Details: i recieved this auger as a christmas present 2 years ago. 1 st problem no receipt.

Put together auger and charged it up for rcommeneded time. Couldn't get out to fish for a few days. When i did...no juice:mad: ok should have charged it the night before but shouldn't it hold a charge. Used it twice more. Ran ok but only about 20 hpoles through 6" ice. Pretty disapointed in perfomance, ut better than hand auger. Stored in garage.

Last winter charged it up and hit the ice no juice :mad: ok after talking eith service center we realize bad battery. He in forms me the "ice" auger can't be left outside?? Wtf buy new battery $440 into his thing. Used a few times no problem, but disapointing battery life on new battery as well no more than 15 holes through 5-6" ice:confused:

Store it inside this time. Put charger on it per manual. Green light on charger. :P figure got it this time. Charge before first trip. Drive 6 guys an hour and a hakf with only auger on full charge....doesn't work at all:mad::mad::mad: wtf ffff:confused:

Calked strikemaster..left message.. No response. Emailed...no response...emailed again...no response...called again talked to someone live :P offered to service it if i send it in. Wonder who is paying for that....oh right me.

We'll see if they fix it and charge me. Will not be happy at all. Would not recommend this product!!!

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Sorry to hear of your luck. I've heard some negative reviews on that thing.

Better to get an ice gator. A bit more money but it will cut through anything and last a long time. more holes than my friend that owns it can cut in a day. and he cuts holes everywhere.

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My budget auger is a Milwaukee 18 volt cordless drill. I bring a couple batteries with me on the ice and it has always done fine with an 8 inch auger. Also use it to drill in ice anchors for the shanty on the windy days.

same here i have a 6 in lazer on one. My buddy has the gator. Im too cheap for as little as i get out ice fishing the drill work just fine.

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Looked at the gator. I've heard good things. The idea behind these is sound because it should be a simple system: battery, dc motor, switch. Plus i believe electric motirs have better low end torque. Who hasn't ad problems with batteries though? As many problems as gas motors have, it seems to me that it is usually an electric problem.

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If you buy a drill attachment. Get something wider than the hole. Like a bucket lid for example. Put a hole in it and Attach it between the auger & the drill attachment piece. So if you put the drill in reverse and the chuck loosens the auger doesn't fall to the bottom of the lake.

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