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Buddy and I split up in the morning, he went to the Todd Farm and got a drake mallard and a green winged teal. I took my old 20 pump and walked a spring fed creek that's been a gold mine if it's cold and again it didn't fail, blowing an opportunity for a triple needing two shots to anchor the first drake and then making sweet long shot to double up.

We teamed up and hunted some "open" water that only required breaking about 300 yards of ice to get out through, then set out a spread of 2 dozen hand carved divers and drove the boat up on the ice. Missed a couple mergs and then I made the 4th true double of my life, taking two drake commons out of a passing flock with one crack. We tagged a sweet drake goldeneye, and then buddy got another.

Ended up with a nice pile of drakes: 3 mallards, a GWT, 2 GE, and two common mergs.

Hope to get back out Tuesday....

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Trophy gentlemen's hunt today. Broke 1/2 mile of thick ice with the boat, a wee bit hairy, to get to a small open pocket on a river. Ended up passing a couple long shots and not seeing a few birds that came in, but of the 5 we pulled up on, all 5 ended up coming home with us. Drake common merganser each, buddy got a hen and drake goldeneye and I ended my season by rolling my first drake goldeneye right before hours, over my hand carved spread of GE decoys.

Time to put the decoys away and worry about river steel. Hopefully without any ice to break through......

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