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Pulling Plugs for Winter Chrome!

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Ric and I seized the opportunity to kick off the 2012/2013 winter plug pulling season.

We had his sled floating by 8 am. The conditions were pretty darn good for December. Overcast, 30 degrees, with light winds. The river was on the drop after a major snow storm pushed through, raising the water 50% above it's normal winter flows.

We were hoping to intercept some fresh runners from the big lake into the system.

Here are the highlights. Let me know what you think! :thumb:


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We made another pluggin' run this past weekend. When we launched the boat at sunrise, the temperature was hovering in the low teens. Combined with the wind, and we had some brutal conditions to fish in.

The bite was far from "on." We only had a handful of rips, but we made the most of them. Well, at least tried to make the most of them.

You'll see what I mean.

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