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Rod Holders From Fish On Sports in Interlochen, MI

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I am currently in the process of rigging my boat for salmon fishing next season and ran across these guys on the net. From what I can tell, their products look decent and are at a good price. Does anyone have any experience or information about these guys? I plan to order two single deck mount holders and two double rod holders. Your input is appreciated.


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I stopped in at the shop and talked to James and looked at his work. For the price all the products looked good. From talking to him he will work with people to give them what they want. I don't know how the paint hold up but it did look good. When I get a arch he will be the one that I will go to.

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The 3 mount stantions look just like the fishlander's that I have on the gunnel. They pivot 180* and rotate 360*, it's a nice function to be able to move your holders into any position you may need

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i havent seen or used there rod holders. but it sounds like a good holder.

my advice on rod holders is this. if your just wanting a rod holder then about any good solid holder will work.

if your getting new holders for running divers then a ratcheting holder is a must have if at all possable. berts or big jons or the cannons i chose will work.

i started out by buying 4 of the cannon double axis off ebay and they are great holders. but they had one thing i didnt like. when you rotate them you can only adjust from one hole to the next hole. so you cant fine tune the left to right. so the next ones i got was the single axis holders. they have an oval base so you can rotate them as little or as much as you want up to 70 degrees rotation. you just loosen them and turn the holder as little as 1/16 of an inch or as much as 70 degrees you can adjust them up and down with one hand, you just squeeze the lever on the holder and make your adjustment.

you never have to lean out over the side of your boat again. you can put your rod in the holder and then adjust it with one hand. then if you get a hit or just want to bring a rod in, all you do is grab your rod and lift this will ratchet the holder to the upright position, then just lift the rod up out of the holder.

in my opinion for what its worth the single axis is the only way to go. these are quaility heavy duty rod holders that should last you for many many years.

and they do use the track system. just buy the lengths that fits your boat and lets you spread out your holders. then if you want to go play in the water just take the holders off and leave the tracks on. it only take a few minutes to take off all your holders or put them back on.

the first single axis i bought from amazon.com was prived at 69.00 each, the last ones i bought was either 54.00 or 55.00 each. they are priced at 66.05 right now and free shipping.

i,ve been using mine for 2 seasons now and cant even tell they have been used. i recommend these to anyone who can spare the money for holders. some people say buy cheap holders and use the money for other things. but if you use divers this money is well spent. these holders are a pleasure to use. and to me thats just as important as anything you can buy. i always hated it when i hooked a big fish and im leaning out over the side of the boat trying to pull the rod out of the holder. and now i just ratchet the holder to the upright position and lift the rod straught up out of the holder.

sorry for such a long post but you deserve to hear about these holders before spending your money on a rod holder that may not work near as good as the single axis cannon rod holders.


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The rod holders came I'm today. I am very impressed with the quality of their product and am contemplating about ordering rod trees from them now. I spent $180 shipped for everything in the photos, you just can't beat the price. I will buy from them again.




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I'm considering getting a couple of trees....these look good, as do the tree's from Great Lakes Planers.... www.greatlakesplaners.com

I've seen the GLP'S from a couple different distributors for $129 (triple tree)...I plan on checking out the Canon's as well...well said Sherman...If you can swing the extra bucks, get what will last and work the best for your needs..."Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten".....:)

Happy Holidays to All!:thumb:

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i bought a radar arch last year for my Trophy and it is great it was a really good deal and the quality of it rocks so last month i got some more rod holders for it. They have brushed anodizing now and they look great cant wait to use them.

Ordering my Arch from them next week :thumb:

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Could someone that has the double rod holders/flush mount tell me what the dimensions on the bases are. The way my boat is setup I have my dipsey rods on a riser so I can get the holders to lay flat instead of 2 clicks up. Also how far from the outside edge are the screw holes?

I might be able to take off my tit loks and re drill and tap the bases if the dimensions work out right. Thanks.

With the tite loks I have to get an allen wrench and it takes a bit to move the position of the rod holder. I also like having the ability to run double dipseys or a single with a big copper on the closer holder to the bow.

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