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I need some Lowrance advice/info

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I am thinking of a new fish finder and found this one (Lowrance® HDS-7 Gen 2/StructureScan™ HD LSS-2 Combo)

I see it has a rebate up to $150.00 here; http://www.cabelas.com/assets/pdfs/lowrance_150_visa_card_rebate.pdf

My question is, is this the one for me; for 90 percent of the time Salmon fishing in Lake Mi and hopefully a little perching. Does this one qualify for the 150 rebate or only the 50

I have a Lowrance LMS 527 C which has a great GPS but not so sure of its fish finding capability. Mine has a great map system on it as well and I wondered if this one came with one and/or would the one I have work in this one.

I just don't know much about these but would like to take advantage of the rebate if this is a great unit for my uses.


Other suggestions appreciated also:)

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That unit qualifies for the $150 rebate.

The good: Excellent sonar, built in charts, structure scan, 7 inch screen, most likely no need to change skimmer transducer or power cable since they are probably the same you are currently using.

The Bad: Not most current model and likely discontinued soon.

That rebate can be used from any retailer, not just cabalas so it would be appreciated to buy from a sponsor of this website.


MSRP - $1499 Calumet Marine Price - $1375 ($1225 after rebate)

PS - If you don't need structure scan there is also a sale going on the Garmin 740s right now for $950, great price and even better unit. MY personal preference would lean towards the Garmin over the Lowrance because it is faster, much easier to use, way better GPS, and I love the touchscreen. The Garmin has a much more powerful sonar but Lowrance does have a great sonar so I wouldn't consider that an advantage for the Garmin but again Garmin does not have the ability for structure scan.

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Still would like more input if anyone is willing. Its a big investment and I don't want to screw it up. I am looking seriously at a boat and it has no fish finder on it. Ryan: how long is the price good for?

I'm by no means an expert but value my $$. For what its worth I just got my Garmin in the mail today from Ryan. I was looking at several brands.A couple things swayed the scale in Garmins favor,past experience on friends boats with garmins, the fact that I plan on adding radar,(plug and play/cost), I have the upmost confidence in Ryans working knowledge and also fear of customer no service from a couple competitors if needed.Plus I have a competitors product thats failed and no chance of fixing.

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I run a hds 8 for my Radar and lake maps and a hds 7 for my depth/fish finder. They have both worked flawless. I can see my 12# balls down at 80-100’. I also like the extras and ease of the system expansion on the lowrance. I added the sonic hub and Sirius radio to the system and it is great. You can control the radio or ipod from your depth finder.

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Dont know that you really need structure scan for salmon fishing. That would save you a few bucks. I have a hds 5 gen 1 and love it. The gen 2 is really nice with a faster processor. I love my Lowrance unit. People say they are difficult to use but i really dont see it. You have to use ir a little and you will remember where the items are in the menus. As far as seeing things on it i have not had an issue with mine it show everything i need to see for fishing. I also have the sirius weather real time weather and LOVE it.

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