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Port Clinton 11-21-12

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With my boat being in the shop , I was able to hitch a ride. Went to Ohio and crushed them. It was stupid. Well over 30 fish between 9 and 12:30. Two guys with 4 rods. Deep Husky jerks were the ticket! speed 1.5 , between 30 and 100 back. IMG_1021.jpg I wrote a blog about it with more pictures if you would like to read it. http://www.hotbitefishingcharters.com/pre-thanksgiving-smash-fest-lake-erie-report-11-21-12/

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Thanks guys! The fishing is still really hot. Half of me wants the lake to freeze so that we will still have water to launch boats in the spring and these guys will quit filleting all these monster walleye ( I only keep medium to small fish), the other half wants it to be like last winter so we can keep the boats out and troll up walleye until spring ( I am still looking for one over 13 lbs)

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