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Slider lines/diver leader storage

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What do you guys use?

My slider lines are usually around 8' and 10' for the divers. Usually keep these on the walleye style crawler harness holders (tube type).

My 3 way rigs I wrap around a section of swim noodle.

I can't say I am a real fan of the harness holders. As I run swivels on both ends of the line, I clip them together and start the wrap from the swivel end and the end of the line when wrapping goes in the slot of the holder. Usually have to skip a section or 2 to put the next one one as the swivels have a tendency to come loose out of the wrap and can make a mess. The diameter on these thins are small and a bit time consuming putting the leaders at the end of the day. There must be something better.

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For sliders I have been using a Northland Tackle Tamer (pic 1 below). It has a place to clip one end's snap and then small velcro patches to secure the other end. Works pretty well but the small diameter of the tube does mean lots of wraps around it.

I was thinking about this a few weeks back and am considering trying a saltwater style leader wheel (pic 2 below) instead. All of the sliders are pretty much the same so I think I could string them end to end connected by the snaps and wind them on top of each other on the wheel. One wheel should hold a whole bunch of sliders. If you have different lengths of sliders could get one wheel for each length.

I'm also thinking the leader wheels would be a good solution for storing cut bait rigs instead of small ziplock bags.

As for diver leaders, I just wrap them on the diver. Most of the time I'm running attractors off my divers so the leader is 30-40# mono and I usually replace it after a few trips. A while back there was a product called a Dive-R-Dock (sp?) that looked like a good solution but I didn't get any and I haven't seen them in a couple of years. They were not real expensive but not the cheapest things either.

Tackle Tamer pic:


Leader Wheel pic:


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I use pool noodles also. For a drop shot rig the weight is put in a slit on the noodle to hold it taut. The pins will hold the loops nicely.. the more you use the noodles the better they become because they will have memory grooves for the next leader placement. I try to place mine at about 1/2' intervals. cut them about 11" total long that fit nicely into a bag I carry. Labels on the ends tell what the noodle has on it. i use the bigger noodles as less wrapping and less coiling.

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I use the northland tackle tamers like Ryan posted. I keep different kinds of leaders tied up (free sliders, dipsey spoon leaders, dipsey flasher leaders) and have them each on a different one. Can't say they are the greatest but they are easy to store.

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My buddy uses an old line spool and does what SEACAT is talking about, just hooking the snaps together as you wind them on and then hook a rubber band in the snap on the end of the last one and pop it over the spool.

It works good and doesn't seem to put any coil(memory) in the line.

Good Fishing,


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