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what would you spend $100 on?

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Well thinking back to some of the happenings of this year I would say to check all of your safety equipment. Replacing any expired flares,extinguishers and such. Maybe adding a ditch bag if you don't already have one.

It seems like the one thing so many of us have found it so easy to compromise on or to put off spending money on in the past.

Reading Dave Mulls story earlier this year has made my decision to upgrade and make some additions to my own safety stuff for the upcoming season.

Good Fishing,


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I'd buy some 18# Sufix 832 leadcore and two Church walleye boards and some snap weights. Make a two color rig (SWR) which can be used off the downriggers as well as the inline planer boards. Make 5 color setup to run off the boards. You'll also need 300yds of super braid for backing if you use a reel that has a maximum capacity of 280yds of 20# line. Use the snap weights for extra depth as the fish move down during the season.

Probably cost $130 once you add it up.

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