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See ya, pic heavy


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Had a good sit tonight, saw a bunch of deer, could have shot this little buck.

He is walking in from the woods to the west.


He steps into the field.


This is right under me.


Zoomed in on him with my phone.


Here is the view from the stand.


Always better to wait for a quartering away shot.


Rewarded by patience, to bad he wasn't a few years older.


Here is the view from this stand the other way as the buck walked off. See ya!


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We are not seeing many deer at all where I'm hunting just north of you Ed. The property to our north they have found 20 dead deer from EHD. So far I have only found one but I'm not seeing many lives ones at all. We are in leoni twnshp and my friends property is in henreitta.

The season is going so bad for us that I've decided to make a trip north. I really can't afford it, but not sure how many hunting seasons I have left in me so this next weekend I'm heading to the UP. I will be making 2 trips up. One next weekend to get my stands set and then one the following week for my vacation. I figure if nothing else at least it will be an adventure.

In any case glad that you are seeing some at your property. It gives me hope that maybe next year things will balance out and the population will rebound.

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Ken, Yes, that was my cell phone, has a zoom feature on it.

Erik, I've heard of some EHD deaths around Waterloo from a couple different buddies. One friend found 26 dead north of Brills Lake. I'm deer hunting in Parma. We don't seem to be affected by EHD there, getting lots of deer on my cams and we are seeing lot's. On the DNR EHD map, Parma is not listed so we are lucky. Good luck in the UP, that will be a nice get away and hope you have some good hunting too.

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