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It's time for the 2012 season best baits.

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Pick ONE!! spoons,flasher and flie, meat rig and plug for the best of each for the season.

Our spoons had to be the Stinger uv mixed veggies.

Flasher and fly had to be black slick 11inch prochip with rapture oceana fly.

Meat rig was a 8inch purple plaid protroll, purple no see um teaser rig.

Plug was a double glow ace high.

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Plug - Sliver Horde Green splater back - but I never really got a plug bite going this year.

Spoon - Moonshine Green Jeans - once I bought this spoon it was hot for 6 weeks.

Flasher Fly - 8" White paddle w/Artic blast fly

Meat Rig - No Meat on this Boat - why mess with it if every thing else is working.

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i wasnt going to get in this one as i only fished walleye on lake eries central basin, but i know theres alot of walleye fisherman here also.

SPOON hands down gale force tackle reverse muffin, both silver and copper.

WORM HARNESS again it goes to gale force tackle, custom tandem blade dr death with silver back

there was other good colors but these are the ones that really stood out for us.

so how about some other walleye fisherman getting in on this?? i would like to know what everybody was using. salmon and walleye fisherman.

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