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Port Sheldon 10/12 pm

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Went out of Port Sheldon for a little evening solo fishing to see if I could find some fish! Only one other boat out also another solo fisherman "Steeliejoe". I checked 60-80 fow and didn't see hardly any marks. Trolled further and set lines in 90 and headed west. Marked a couple of fish between 90-110 no takers. Kept trolling and marked only a couple more between 130-170 fow. I had one release but when I seem it pop not even a shake when I grabbed the rod! Most all marks were toward the bottom. Temp was 58 degrees down 158 fow. I did mark a couple of bait balls in 138 fow but didn't mark any fish that surprised me! It was great to be back out there considering all the past weekends of the windy blown out weather! It was peaceful and I didn't really mind no fish in the boat, besides somebody needed to get out just to post right? I suspect the warm water low levels an unique weather has caused a difference in the fall fishing. It saddens me to think all the fished harvested and now the cutback in DNR planting plus the probability some salmon will try to spawn inshore or will just die off. Hopefully I'll get out for more fishing and if I figure out where and how to get em I'll post! Live well brothers!

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