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bow huntin 10-6


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well with the lake being to ruff ta fish i decided to go to the tree stand this mornig at 8 oclock two does came by and i just couldnt pass up the chance for some fresh backstraps! So i took one of em first one with a cross bow and rage broadhead ,put it rite down with a heart shot .:thumb:


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Mark, I will say this, i was disapointed in the penitration of the cross bow, i have shot newer ones and they are accurate out to 80 yards but i wonder about the penitration you would get, i know my deer was only 20 yrds and it hit the opposite sholder and did not go thru it , but i also had a rage broadhead on the bolt to. with my 65 lb compound im sure i would have passed thru with my 90 grain muzzy. those are just just my thaugts about the cross bow it is easier to move and get on the deer and is very accurate tho.

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