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Bourbon or Scotch


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Bourbon or Scotch???

I used to be a die hard scotch fan... lately prefer a nice bourbon, its definately sweeter.

Don't get me wrong... no way I would pass up a nice pour of a single malt. :)

There are some really nice single batch bourbons out there too.

Prefer on the rocks or possibly dash of H20... only way to go!

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i enjoy bourbon neat, but scotch on ice....

BTW.... I learned the other day that the term "scotch on the rocks" isn't talking about a glass with ice and scotch but rather rocks cooled by a river or stream in order to cool the whiskey.

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Jameson Irish whiskey neat is okay, I prefer bourbon on the rocks.

Been enjoying Grand Martinis lately

Shot of Bombay, 3/4 shot grand marnier, 2/3 table spoon of sweetened lime juice and 2 table spoons of OJ, shaken....

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