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West End Perch 9-26

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Spent some time looking around Mi. waters again with nothing but one to show for it (still getting good reports from reliable sources but I can't find them :confused: ) So we shot over to where we have been fishing, Bouy 14 . We started picking at them slowly with lots on the screen. Wanting something more, we ran the ditch toward Toledo. We stopped 6 times along the way to # 26 with about 6 to show for that. Decided that we just needed to go make micro moves back at 14. We went back there and it was game on :D . It was how perching should be. We ended with over a hundred in the 7.5 to 10.5 inch range. Lots of nice 9 inchers. Warrior Lures perch rigs in red were my favorite .perch2012.jpg

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